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The Slack-Kit is a complete Slackline Set, which has everything included for your first steps on a slackline. 

The webbing is 30 m long, so it will challenge you for for some time before you need a different setup. 

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The Bungee Anchor gives you some extra bounce so you are also to freestyle on shorter highlines, and leashfalls on short highlines will be softer. 

So both for beginners and professionals a must have. 

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The Orange is out for almost 3 years and still the only releasable weblock on the market. 

With a bit of dedication you will quickly learn how to use the Orange, and then you will love how much easier rigging and derigging is. 

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The Slackfriend is the perfect weblock for your light parkline set or travel set. 

It's specifically made for rodeo lines, tensioning and releasing is incredibly easy. 

With a WLL of 3 kN it is also possible to set up short longlines, just keep it low tension.

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